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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SASQUATCH: Possible Bigfoot Trackway Discovered Near Genoa, Nevada

This is an elaborate and descriptive report, of events surrounding the discovery of a possible bigfoot trackway, in Genoa, NV. The report comes from a very credible gentleman, who has many years experience as a tracker during his work with a Search and Rescue Team.

Please click here to go to our other site, SierraTahoeBigfoot.com to read the report, which includes 15 photos of the trackway.

Please send any bigfoot related news, reports or questions to stbigfoot@gmail.com


Sunday, January 19, 2014

BIGFOOT: Christmas Weekend 2013 Sasquatch Sighting, South of Minden, Nevada in Alpine County, California

I received a great sighting report that occurred on December 28, 2013, about 35 miles south of Minden, Nevada, in Alpine County, California.

Please read the full report on SierraTahoeBigfoot.com by CLICKING HERE.

This is my rendering of the sasquatch standing on the ridge that the witness saw through his binoculars

Saturday, November 2, 2013

BIGFOOT: Possible Sasquatch Caught on Video, The Turtleman, and My Return to the Sierras

I am back in Reno now. Finally. My friend Woodrat and I have made a couple day trips up into the Sierras, and really have nothing of interest to report. We explored our usual areas, and ventured out to some lesser explored spots. We were able to stay until 10 PM on our last trip. We heard some distant knocks, and whistles, but took them with a grain of salt. With the popularity of the television show, Finding Bigfoot, it is hard to rule out humans making the sounds I've heard. Unless it is close and definitive, and by "definitive", I mean that if you've ever heard a squatch up close, it's hard to conclude that any other person or animal could have produced some of the sounds I've heard, and felt. Yes, I said, "felt." On several occasions, I've heard some low murmurs and growls, that I could feel vibrating in my lungs. I liken it to being at a red light, next to one of those idiots with the window shaking sub-woofers, blasting in their car, and you can actually feel it. It is a very unsettling to feel your lungs vibrate in your chest. I want to reiterate that it did not happen on this trip, but it has in the past. (Read about Infrasound on Cliff Barackman's site) We actually got so bored that we even broke my rule of no whooping or yelling to try and get a response. That also produced no results. I figured, in the least, if other humans were around, we'd hear a response, but we got nothing.

Aspen and willows coming back in an area that burned in a massive forest fire 20 years ago.

The springs, that usually hold water year round, were dry. These springs are what we attribute to all the activity we've witnessed, as we believe the bigfoot use this chain of springs, as a travel corridor for the area. With them empty, we had no action. One good sign was that there was still a good amount of deer in the area. The undergrowth was dry, and it seemed like there was more Bark Beetle damage this year also. The drought conditions being experienced in the region, really seem to be taking it's toll. With little food, in the mountains, the bears are really on the move. Both times we were up there, we had bear encounters. One came out of the bushes, near a stream, and charged Woodrat. He had just enough time to draw his pistol, and fire off a warning shot, that luckily scared the large bull bear off, from just 30 feet away. It's gotten so bad, that the drought conditions are bringing more bears than usual down into Reno, with 3 captured this past week alone by the Nevada Division of Wildlife.

One of the areas still holding water, away from our area of concentration.

The cold weather has moved into the area now. The ski resorts like Heavenly, Mount Rose and Squaw Valley are glad the season came early. It is more than likely that we will not be squatching on this side of the Sierras, until April. We hope to get out to the west side though for a winter trip or two.

A couple interesting videos were released recently, of possible sasquatch caught on video.

This first one was posted by a rather well known bow hunter, Tim Wells, who has a hunting show on the Sportsman Channel. I have some issues with this video. The squatch looks so fake. On the flip side, the gentleman in the video are genuine and quite believable. If they were acting, they did a really good job. I can't believe someone would be so stupid as to hoax them, while they are on a hunt, unless the hoaxer was wanting to commit suicide-by-hunter. I also believe that Mr. Wells wouldn't jeopardize his reputation to post a goofy hoax on YouTube. So watch the video below, and you can decide for yourself.

This next video is more compelling to me. Though, it's blurry because the camera was focusing on the vegetation between the videographer and the supposed squatch, what's got me is that is seems rather massive when you see it stand up. If it's a suit, it looks well done. The main thing that has me thinking it is a bigfoot, is that at :26 seconds, into the video, the subject extends it's arm to the right to cast off some of the tree it is tearing apart. There are some other negative issues to the video, but that arm length is not proportional to that of a human. To me, it resembles the arm length similar to that of an Orangutan. It is out of focus and it could just be playing tricks on me, but at that part of the video is when I stopped, and thought.... "Wait a minute." You be the judge.....

This last video is of Earnie, the Turtleman, from Animal Planet's show, The Call of the Wildman. He tells of his possible encounter with a Sasquatch when he was a kid. He claimed it was the most frightened he has ever been in his life.

I just want to thank you for your patience. I should be posting more now that I'm home. I'm glad to be back.

Friday, September 20, 2013

BIGFOOT SAMURAI CHATTER: Ron Morehead Presentation In Reno, Nevada This Weekend

My friend John has started a group in Reno for those interested in sasquatch research. He has a great guest speaker, making a presentation tomorrow.

Back in the 1970's, Ron Morehead had some experiences in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where he was able to record some amazing audio, of what is to believed to be sasquatch communicating in a complex language structure. Within the bigfoot community, these recordings have come to be known as the "Samurai Chatter." For those of you that are old enough to remember, the recordings remind me of John Belushi's Samurai character on Saturday Night Live. I'm thinking that is where the name came from. This would be a great opportunity to hear Mr. Morehead discuss his work, and what studies have been done on his recordings.

Here's the email that my friend John sent out regarding the event:

Ron Morehead, of Bigfoot Sounds, will be appearing at Archie’s Restaurant, 2195 N. Virginia St, in Reno, Nevada on Saturday Sept. 21st.

Time starts at 8:00am
Lecture duration: 45 minutes (approx.)
Afterwards there will be time for Questions and Answers and getting acquainted.

Ron will be lecturing on the subject of ‘SASQUATCH’. His study encompasses many years of research from a variety of resources including personal experiences, and encounters with these ‘Beings’. Learning from different Indian tribes Ron has gained further knowledge about the ‘Hairy Mans’ background . Using a Power Point program Ron will present a display of audio and visuals enhancing the lecture you will find incredible.

This is a rare occasion for us to have Ron J. Morehead visit with us as a ‘Special Guest’.
All Sasquatch Researchers and public are welcome to attend.

This is going to be an impressive presentation that you DON’T WANT TO MISS!

It is encouraged for all who attend to patronize the business of Archie’s and show your gratitude to the waitress that serves you. The employees work very hard and deserve a monetary token of appreciation.

See you on Saturday morning.

To read more about Mr. Morehead and his work, visit his website at www.bigfootsounds.com.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BIGFOOT: Recent Sighting Report Near Gardnerville, NV

I recently received a report on a sighting near Gardnerville, NV. It was left in the comment section of Bigfoot Sighting In Genoa, Nevada, which was posted back in 2010. This newest comment/report from july 2, 2013 was left anonymously, as most comments are. I'm leaving out details until I can collect more information from the witness, and I've taken it off the comment section of the aforementioned post. Here are the brief details of the sighting:

This is so crazy still to me, that I came across this blog after today....if it weren't for what my girls and I encountered today, I would have never looked this up! We were in most of the day because of storming outside, and we kept hearing the strangest noises out in the swampy area behind us. After about an hour we decided to go out to take a look. The water fowl started going crazy, and before we knew it, we seen the figure of a gorilla like animal about 300 feet out in the swamp. We found strange tracks, but never would have guessed anything like this! While I am still sceptical. I am really watching now, and the kids aren't playing outside on the patio alone.

I'd really like to follow up and ask a few questions. I'd appreciate it if the witness would please contact me again at stbigfoot@gmail.com. Please know that privacy and respect is of utmost importance to me when handling witness reports.

Thank you.

From the Archives: Bigfoot Sighting in Genoa, Nevada

This was origally posted on our other site, SierraTahoeBigfoot.com, January 4, 2010.

Click Image to Enlarge
A view of the sighting area, from Genoa Lakes Golf Club. I believe it is the Canyon in the middle, with a visible green belt going down the center of it, where the stream might be. (Compare this to the aerial map below.)

For about an hour, in September of 1984, 2 female hikers were followed by a Sasquatch, down a hiking trail, above Genoa, Nevada. Kelly, one of the witnesses filed a report with the BFRO in February of 2003. She wrote a great, detailed account, and BFRO also followed up with more details, after they interviewed her.

I thought my fellow Nevadans might enjoy this report. Nevada has very few documented reports, which I think can be attributed to the sparse human population, over such a great area. Unlike Northern California, where the Bay Area alone has a population in excess of 7 million, and the Sacramento area has a population equal to Nevada itself (2.5 million as of 2007, most of which is in, and around, Las Vegas). Smaller population, equals less people venturing out into the wild, which lessens the chances of Sasquatch encounters, in wilderness areas far larger than most in California. The area in which this sighting took place is east, just over the Kingsbury Grade, from South Lake Tahoe.

Please click on and read the report:

BFRO Report #5909.

Click Image to Enlarge

I've gone over the maps to try and outline the location of the encounter. The area in which the sighting occurred is still pristine wilderness. Genoa itself, has grown quite a bit, and is now an upscale golf course community, and million dollar plus homes, line the west side of Centennial Drive, in the area in which Kelly said she parked her truck. It looks like it is all private property on that west side of the street now. I will make a trip down that way in the Spring and see if I can find trail access along there. In the meantime, I have pulled a couple photos from Google Earth of the area. (Google Earth, by the way, is a great free service. I could spend hours on there!)
Click Image to Enlarge
More views of the mountains west of Genoa, Nevada.

There are a few points I found interesting in the report. Firstly, the encounter started with the teenagers running down the hill. This is consistent with theories that Sasquatch are attracted to the presence of children. A couple of teenage boys would probably have been talking loudly, and laughing and giggling, which could have gotten the Squatch's curiosity up. Secondly, two women, walking and talking, who's voices probably carried pretty well through the canyon. This is also consistent with the theory of more frequent sightings with women. Then Kathy, also was playing her recorder at the top of the canyon, where the sound would probably carry rather well. I think maybe all these things combined, added to the reason why they had the encounter, and why the Sasquatch wanted to follow and watch them for as long as it did.

This sighting occurred over 25 years ago, when Genoa wasn't the resort style town it is now, with a then, much smaller population. Back then, all the new homes and golf courses weren't present to deter a Sasquatch coming down from the mountains, to possibly hunt the deer that would frequent the pastures and alfalfa fields along the Carson River. (See the Google Earth photo below of mule deer in Genoa.)

Click Image to Enlarge
Photo from Google Earth of Mule Deer off of Genoa Lane.

I think that particular Squatch, and any it may have socialized with, may now shy away from that area, to avoid possible interaction with humans, and have moved on back toward the southwest.

I thoroughly enjoy Kelly's report! If Kelly, Linda, or anyone they know, come across this article, please let them know I'd love to discuss this further with them.

Kelly, I'd like to thank you for coming forward, and sharing your encounter with the public. Forever now, when I drive through that area, I will look up toward "Bigfoot Canyon," with a big ole grin on my face.
Click Image to Enlarge
This aerial map is for reference, to show the proximity of the sighting(A), to the more well known locales in the area.
Carson City(B) Reno(C)
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