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"The Basin and Range region is the product of geological forces stretching the earth's crust, creating many north-south trending mountain ranges. These ranges are separated by flat valleys or basins. These hundreds of ranges make Nevada the most mountainous state in the country." National Park Service

"The most mountainous state and the sixth-largest state in the lower 48." TravelNevada.com

"Nevada is the most mountainous U.S. State, with over 150 (named) individual mountain ranges; major ones include the Battle, Monitor, Ruby, Santa Rosa, Schell Creek, Sierra Nevada, Snake and Toiyabe. Over 30 of Nevada's mountain peaks exceed 11,000 ft., with the highest point (Boundary Peak), reaching 13,140 ft." WorldAtlas.com

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cryptids: Haunted Highway on SyFy Channel

There's a new show on SyFy channel to feed your need in searching for cryptids.

Ozzy and Sharon's son, Jack Osbourne is one of the hosts, along with Jael from Destination Truth and Fact of Faked. (Click on images for full view)

I'm sure we'll be seeing some squatchy episodes soon. Coming up tomorrow is the story of the Hellhounds, from here in Nevada. I wrote a bit about them back in March. Click Here to read more.

Take a look at the official website for Haunted Highway by CLICKING HERE where you can watch video clips and full episodes online.
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