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"The Basin and Range region is the product of geological forces stretching the earth's crust, creating many north-south trending mountain ranges. These ranges are separated by flat valleys or basins. These hundreds of ranges make Nevada the most mountainous state in the country." National Park Service

"The most mountainous state and the sixth-largest state in the lower 48." TravelNevada.com

"Nevada is the most mountainous U.S. State, with over 150 (named) individual mountain ranges; major ones include the Battle, Monitor, Ruby, Santa Rosa, Schell Creek, Sierra Nevada, Snake and Toiyabe. Over 30 of Nevada's mountain peaks exceed 11,000 ft., with the highest point (Boundary Peak), reaching 13,140 ft." WorldAtlas.com

Friday, April 19, 2013

NV BIGFOOT: A Reported Encounter In the High Desert of Northwestern Nevada

I had Sarah contact me, regarding a sasquatch encounter she had heard about which occurred in Northwestern Nevada. Sarah was able to follow up, by generously taking the time and expense, to travel 2 hours out of Reno, to video and interview the elderly gentleman who had the encounter. At the gentleman's request to protect the location, Sarah transcribed the interview for me to share with you here. I will confirm that I saw the video, and find his story to be believable, in the way he told it seemed genuine. Imagine, a crusty old timer, who lives most of his life alone in his RV in the desert, and likes it that way. Sarah had talked to him before, but she was finally able to get him to share the whole experience with her.

First, I'd like to give a little background on the location.

I've been researching the idea of purchasing land out in this area for the past few years. I had made the trip out there a few times with my brother, to look at land for sale. While we were scouting the area, all I kept thinking about was squatch. Yes, the area is quite arid, as you can see in the pictures that Sarah shared below, but there are so many food and water sources in the area. It is hard to imagine by looking at the pictures, but the food is there. This is what made it possible for the native tribes to survive in this area for the past 2000 years. Nevada is dotted with over 150 individual mountain ranges, with each mountain range creating its own unique biosphere of water sources, vegetation and wildlife. Numerous caves and abandoned mine shafts are everywhere, which could be used as shelter from the elements. If human's can survive out here, why not squatch? Actually it's sparse population and diverse landscapes make it ideal habitat, in my mind.

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What sasquatch sightings I'm aware of in Northern Nevada, all have a one thing in common, that stands out for me, the Humboldt River. If you look at the map, the I-80 runs from east to west across the state, at its widest part. The I-80 parallels the Humboldt River from Deeth, all the way west to Lovelock which is over 200 miles. Most sightings in this area, including this report from Sarah, are all within a days walk of the Humboldt. Most notably, Jordan's encounter, the Battle Mountain Fire, and the Lovelock Cave Giants, all have their proximity to the Humboldt in common. To read more on the subject of Northern Nevada's sasquatch condusive habitat, CLICK HERE.

Northern Nevada Map with Squatchy Highlights
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Here's what Sarah graciously transcribed:

April 2013

This is an interview with a man who had a up close and personal experience with Bigfoot, we are changing his name and the exact location of the incident.

A man named Mr. Lincoln who had an up close and personal experience in Northern Nevada with Bigfoot.
I was told this story a couple of years ago and did not reveal the story at the request of the person named Mr. Lincoln. It’s been a few years and he is now ready to tell his story.

From his words:

Today is March 26th, 2013.

Q: Describe when this happened?.

A: Approximately five years ago, in an undisclosed location of northern Nevada, The general area is mostly desert sage brush mountains with huge outcrops of dark brown rock, and juniper trees setting within 5 miles within a canyon called antelope. This area is known for its mining minerals such as silver and some copper which was mined some years ago. There is an abundance of wild game there like rabbit and antelope.

Wildlife of Northern Nevada
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Q: Is there any water resources or natural refuge present?

A: There is water up in XXXX, which is drinkable and there is water up in the adjacent canyon from XXXX Canyon which you don’t dare drink. Water in XXXX is iffy and XXXX Canyon you can drink.

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Q: So tell me what happened 5 years ago and where were you?

A: I was in my camp trailer and it was after dark and I suddenly felt my trailer being shaken , I mean really shaken, like something like a cow was scratching himself on the trailer and he just would not quit. It felt like he was scratching his neck and he would not quit.
(Note: Mr. Lincoln was standing on the top stair of his trailer which was about 2 ½ ‘ off of the ground.)
I opened the door and here was this man that was an ape like creature, only he was about 6 ½ feet to 7 feet tall or maybe a little taller, fairly young looking with the flash light in his face.

Q: So this was at nighttime, and you had the flashlight?

A: Yes it was nighttime and I had the flashlight, but I did not keep it trained on his eyes and I did not want the creature to be mad at me because the flashlight would make him blind.

Q: What did the overall appearance look like, besides the height, coat and how broad was his shoulders?

A: I would say he was a fairly thin guy and was not heavy set at all, age wise maybe 25 to 30.

Q: What was the color of his fur?

A: It looked black, either a real dark brown or black, but I’m going to say it was black. And the hair was long.

Q: How long do you think it was?

A: 6-7 inches

Q: Around the top of his head, did he appear to have hair on his face?

A: Yes he had hair on his face.

Q: What was the color of his eyes, were you able to see in the dark or did you use the flashlight?

A: They did not glow and appear to be just dark in the dark, and dark in the light.

Q: What happened when he shook your trailer and you opened the door, and you put your flashlight on him? Then what happened?

A: I held my hands up similar to this (Note: He held his hands up chest level and portrayed the stop, and stay back motion), so he would not come at me. I then reached back into the trailer and grabbed a gallon of water, with him being in the animal kingdom more or less, they usually look for water and if they don’t find water they can be nasty.

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Q: Ok, so you offered him a gallon of water?

A: Yes I offered him a gallon of water and he took it

Q: How far away were you from him when you offered him the gallon of water?

A: 2 feet, arm’s length
Comment: WOW

Q: Did he say anything; did you hear any noises from him, growls or grunts, chirps?

A: I don’t remember any grunts

Q: Was he breathing heavy?

A: I don’t remember it

Q: So you handed him water, then what happened, did he take it?

A: He took the water and I tried to show him how to take the lid off and put it back on, so he can keep the water in
the jug longer, I then pointed to the west and said “DO,” not go, he said nothing, he looked and he walked off in the direction I pointed with the water. Note: “DO” (doe)Mr. Lincoln said that it was Swahili for go.

Q: So how long do you think this meeting with this creature took place?

A: 5-7 minutes

Q: Did anything else happen?

A: No, it was quiet the rest of the night

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Q: Was that the only time you seen him?

A: That was the only time I had seen him and furthermore I didn’t fear him, I wasn’t afraid of him

Q: Did you feel that maybe you were put in a trance?

A: No

Q: So if this was in the evening, what time of year was it?

A: It was in the fall of the year

Q: Was there any snow or was it cold yet?

A: It was cooling down, but it was not what you called cold yet.

Q: So was it in October, November or September?

A: If I remember right it was in November

Q: So before the snows?

A: Yes, November out here is fairly warm during the day and time of night 7:30 – 8:00 pm

Q: Did he ask you for any food?

A: No he did not ask me for steak and fries! Laughing!

Mr. Lincoln wanted to add something to his story:
“I know where there is a band of them, and I know where they live year around in that area, but if you want to know where it is at, you will not get it from me. I don’t want you disturbing them, capturing one or killing one for scientific study.”

One last point I'd like to make. Mr. Lincoln's reference to the word "Do," which he pronounced as "doe." I know many will chime in about it. Remember that this man is pushing 80, if not already in his 80's. I've been involved in the mining business for the past 17 years, and I've had the opportunity to meet many, "off the grid" type, crusty oldtimers like Mr. Lincoln. He gains nothing by fibbing, he was reluctant to share the story with Sarah for a long time. I did look up the word for "go" in Swahili, on Google Translate, and I couldn't find the word "Do." Remember, he's an older man, and doesn't like the company of humans for extended periods of time, so we may not find out why he chose to use that word. Maybe he felt like using a foreign language, to the "foreign" creature standing in front of him, was his first reaction. I'm thinking maybe he didn't mean Swahili, and I'm wondering if it is a word from a Native American language. No matter, I believe his story.

Again, I'd like to thank Sarah for her time, resources, and effort she put into getting the interview, and sharing it with me. Though, I'm sure he won't see this, I'd like to thank Mr. Lincoln for sharing his encounter.

Nevada is a pretty incredible place. It's diverse landscape, people and history are severely underappreciated by the general public, and I'm glad whenever I have the opportunity to bring it to light.
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