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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BIGFOOT: Hunters Encounter An Aggressive Group of Sasquatch in the Jarbidge Mountains of Northern Nevada

Jarbidge Mountains, NV from IsuzuGeek.org

This is a report I received from Mr. C of Reno, NV. I spoke with him at length, an find him to be sincere and very credible.

Like many witnesses, he has suffered some psychological trauma from this aggressive encounter. He's a life long hunter and outdoorsman, and now has had little desire to return to these areas, that he has enjoyed most of his life.

As I usually do, I've blocked some specific location details, to keep the exact areas protected.

As for you other bloggers and website admins out there, please be courteous, and not copy and paste the content. Please feel free to publish a synopsis, and add a link to refer your readers to. Thank you in advance.

Here is Mr. C's Nevada sasquatch encounter:

My Stepdad and I left Reno headed for Northern Elko County and the Jarbidge Mountains for his archery Mule Deer hunt he had drawn early on the morning of August 6, 2014. It took about 7 hours to get there as we had to finish some shopping for perishable food items we needed. We really didn't have a set return date for this trip we just planned on staying out there until we had had enough or the season ended. During the 7 days leading up to us leaving Northern Elko County was just getting hammered with rain and thunderstorms every day. The day before we left I had read that where we were headed had received 4.5 inches of rain in 6 days, which for the desert is a ton of water. There were areas up there that were currently flooding at the time we left and much of the northern area of the county was under flood advisories.

We really didn't know what to expect up there and the forecast just kept calling for more thunderstorms every day pretty much around the clock. We were there for a total of 12 days and 9 of those days it rained heavily when the thunderstorms rolled through. It turns out while we were there it rained almost another 6 inches in 9 days. It was a very soggy trip but I tell you this to give you an idea of the great tracking conditions we were presented with if you could find any tracks before the rain got to them.
Jarbidge Mountains, NV from Nevada Outdoor News

We arrived at camp a little after 2pm on the 6th. By the looks of it nobody else had been on any of the roads we traveled to get back to our camp. With as wet as it was it would have been very evident if they had. We got stuck several times trying to get back to the camp. The season started on the 10th but we showed up early to get some good scouting time in before then. We set up a few quick things unloaded the side by side and hit the trails. This was my stepdad"s first trip into this particular unit and he was very anxious to see what country was available to us.

We scouted around until 7ish and returned to set up camp enough to keep us dry if it returned to raining that night. While doing that I noticed a broken tree I had not noticed before. I went over to check it out and was immediately taken aback by it. I was looking at a healthy tree that was still alive except for the broken part that had been bent over 90 degrees and snapped with no damage to any other part of the tree or trees that were surrounding it. It had not been hit by lightning or hit by a truck or ATV or anything like that. I don't know if it’s worth noting but the broken part was pointing at the camp site. Needless to say I felt I was looking at my first tree break. I had no other explanation for it and it definitely happened that year during the growing season as the tree had fully leafed out before it was broken. I've used this camp site 3 years in a row now and it definitely was not there in the previous trips. The tree was roughly 3 inches in diameter give or take and could not have been an easy break. I got my stepdad to help me try to replicate it on other trees of similar size and accomplished nothing. The tree species was a quaking aspen.

After that we ate dinner and set up our cots on the back of the trailer for the side by side, tarped it off really nice to keep us dry and got ready for bed. This is the time I started to feel not right about the situation. I got that nagging feeling of dread and of being watched. The rain had stopped for the last few hours and it was dead silent. In the 3 years I've been there I've never heard it that quiet, it was that deafening quiet. Ever since my first sasquatch experience I always have my flash light and gun by my side at night with no exceptions and tonight would be no different. I had left both in the truck and realized it right before I climbed into my bag for the night so I climbed out of our trailer tarp setup to retrieve them.

Night shot in the Jarbidge Mountains, NV from Nevada Outdoor News

By now we were between two thunder cells and the lightning was flashing occasionally lighting everything up. The truck was about 10-12 yards from the trailer. When I reached the passenger side right as I was about to open the door, lightning flashed and 6-7 yards in front of me was the silhouetted figure of an upright standing two legged hairy man with a slight conical shape to the head. It appeared that it was going from right to left and not directly facing me and then it all went black and an eerie thunder crackled. I must have damn near torn the truck door off the hinges I felt I was moving so fast to get my light and gun, I was freaking out at that point. I mean see something 20 feet from me and have the lights go out like that and see how calm you can stay.

Anyhow, I got my light and gun and saw nothing there when I got the light on which was maybe a second or two later so now armed I felt a little braver and walked over to the road I thought I saw it on and did find some tracks going from right to left. The trouble with that though is that we had walked all over that area and they all looked very similar with no definitive toes. It was just all a bunch of mushed looking prints because it was beyond muddy, most areas had no firmness left to the dirt and mud it was just a boggy mess. So I half ass convince myself that I'm seeing things from the long day I've had and am letting that tree break get to my head a little too much.

I walk back while scrutinizing the entire 360 degrees around camp very carefully with my flashlight and climb into bed. I'll never forget looking at my phone to see the time when I climbed in to my sleeping bag. It was 9:02pm. I shut the phone off and laid there thinking about where and what I might show my stepdad the next day. What began to happen next is what has turned me from a complete skeptic to a complete believer of the Sasquatch.

It was 10-15 minutes tops, from when I laid down and I started hearing movement outside the tarp and began hearing the squishing of the mud under something's feet. It was moving very stealthily and came up to within a few feet of the tarp directly behind my head and stopped. I'm lying there trying to decipher the sound I just heard and the tarp starts being pushed down at my mid section. It was pushed down about a foot and me not thinking at all and really freaking out on the inside without making noise on the outside reacted and swatted at the pushed down area and hit something pretty hard that hurt my hand. The tarp went back up immediately and what was standing there shuffled back and smacked the tarp directly behind my head causing me to let out an “AHHHHHH!!!!!!” sound and I consequently re-chambered a round into my Glock .45.

Before I go any farther I need to let people know that my stepdad was on the same trailer about 8 feet from me lightly snoring from time to time and that he is probably the soundest sleeper I've ever met. I'm convinced he could sleep through the house burning down and a carpet bombing a block away. The way we had the tarp setup was like a burrito with his end tied closed and my side being the open end to climb out of. So now I'm lying there with my gun ready after it slapped the tarp behind my head and it goes dead silent.

I'm not sure how much time goes by during these silent periods. it could be as much as 5 or 10 minutes but I soon hear the one behind me move a little and hear more coming up to the side my stepdad is on. I know there was two of them that came up on his side because two opposite corners of the tarp began getting pulled on at the same time and smacked around. All the while I still have the one behind me and my stepdad is happily asleep. This is the point where everyone always asks me why didn't you wake up your stepdad and why didn't you start shooting? Well I was trying to wake him up. I would call out his name as loud as I felt comfortable because when these things heard you it would amp them up and they would shake the trailer and slap and pull the tarp.

Now as far as shooting goes I wanted to in the worst way, however I couldn't see what I was shooting at and I only had 13 rounds on me I left my other clip in the truck. Knowing there was 3 of them outside I didn't feel shooting would accomplish anything except maybe getting us both killed. I felt the gun probably wasn't big enough to do the job unless I had a clean head shot or two and it was almost pitch black with the moon just starting to rise. Not to mention I had a man asleep that had no idea anything was happening. If I were to have shot at one and they really attacked he never would have stood a chance and I would never want to put a family member or anybody for that matter in that situation. They hadn't tried to come in and I felt it was a scare tactic to get us to come out.

So that crap keeps going on for a while, and I keep trying to wake my stepdad to no avail. During one of the silent periods the one behind me started to urinate just feet from my head. That put a whole new scared into me for some reason. The volume had to be 2 or 3 times that of a man urinating. to me it sounded like a horse or a big bull urinating. I also need to say that the tarp was over 7 feet off the ground were this thing pushed down on it earlier. I couldn't do it and I'm 6'3" and 305 pounds and this thing outside has me feeling like an infant to give a better feel to the whole situation.

After it urinated I was really freaking out. 1 maybe 2 steps from having a complete breakdown. I was shaking with tears rolling down my face and my nose running like a child. I'm not ashamed to say that either. It was truly the scariest thing I have ever experienced in my life and it was happening 100 miles from nowhere in the dark with multiple Sasquatches!!! It got quiet after it urinated for a short time then it started breathing deeply and heavily when I made another attempt to wake my step dad again. It had a real menacing sound to it and then the other two swatted around the tarp some more. It got quiet again and then from in front of me this time another one or more started throwing rocks and debris at us and it was hitting the tarp from all over from in front of me. It stopped shortly after and got real quiet the two behind my stepdad moved back quite a bit it seemed and they started throwing our firewood around and stomping on the ground and breaking tree limbs.

The commotion almost woke my stepdad up, and had me laying there with my gun pointing back over my head hoping they would just leave already but that wasn't happening. It got quiet again and this time it was quiet for the longest and that made me feel better like maybe they were leaving because I heard a lot of movement trail off into the tree line. As I'm feeling better about it the one behind never left and started to urinate again and turned mid way through and finished by urinating behind my head on the tarp and followed that up with a low grumbled growl that I felt reverberate through my body and shook the tarp.

That was the final straw and I lost it. I had a small 3 foot long rake we used in camp in with me in case it rained and I had to push the water up off the tarp. I threw it at my stepdad and started screaming for him to wake up. The rake had an aluminum handle that hit the metal sided cot and my stepdad’s arm then bounced and hit the trailer railing just making a hell of a noise. The one behind me backed off and made some weird noise I can’t describe. My stepdad finally woke up and was pretty upset I hit him with a rake and woke him up. During that time, the ones out in front of me started throwing things again at the tarp. I'm yelling, telling him what's going on and that we're surrounded by these things. He grabs his gun and flash light half groggy and starts climbing over me to go out and investigate. I told him he's crazy and followed because I felt going alone was probably suicide.

We climb out and there's tracks everywhere, good tracks, bad tracks, tracks with claws coming off the toes. Our firewood is everywhere, and a big chunk was torn off a tree from approximately 11 feet up. To my left is the truck and the thickest brush and trees and I can hear one moving in there. The ones out in front that were throwing rocks started throwing rocks at us and the two that were behind my stepdad had come back up behind the trailer and started shaking it. I'm expressing to my stepdad that I no longer want to be there anymore. He simply replied with, get in the truck!

We got in the truck and during that the thick brush 5 yards from the truck started shaking violently and so did a large mature tree. We got in the truck and started to leave. We couldn't leave fast because if was incredibly muddy. We never saw one on the way out. We were both silent and watching out for them on the way out and when we hit the pavement finally, I just shut down with my gun between my legs pointed at the floor in a complete state of shock. I remember my stepdad couldn't believe what little he saw and experienced but he wasn't freaking out like I was. He experienced 5 minutes maybe of what went on and I endured an hour and a half. When he turned the truck on I felt like it had been 3 or 4 hours this was going on and the clock read 10:35pm. I couldn't believe it. He tried getting my gun from me because I guess I looked really unstable but he wasn't getting it he had to settle for me un-chambering the round.

We didn't know what to do after that but we needed to go to the town of XXXXXXXXXX the next morning so we drove there, which was 28 miles north of where we were so I gradually regained my composure and got a really crappy few hours of sleep in the truck in a parking in XXXXXXXXXX.

Morning came. We hit the store then needed to head back to the camp we had left the night before. I fully expected to find everything in shambles and ripped up to some degree, but when we arrived, it looked as if we had never left minus the fire wood being all thrown around.

We started packing up camp because we sure as hell were not going to stay there anymore. We had to get the hitch off the side by side to tow the trailer out with the truck but it was cemented in from all the mud so I had to beat this thing out with a small sledge hammer. It made a hell of a noise up the canyon so if anything was around it was going to know we were there. I have to add that it rained rather hard after we left the night before and all tracks had been destroyed to the point of not being able to photograph them and have them be useful at all so that's why there is no track photos.

It was 10-15 minutes after I got the hitch out we finished loading up. I was loading the last ice chest onto the trailer turned around to talk to my step dad who was talking to me and noticed some movement at my upper right, right at 35 yards away on the low ridgeline on the north side of camp. I turn my head a little more and sure enough I'm staring at a Sasquatch who is staring straight back at me. It was 8:30am against a cloudless piercing blue sky. It had to of wanted us to see it. It didn't appear to be trying to hide and had purposely sky lined itself. Something that everything in the animal kingdom knows you don't do. That's without a doubt the easiest way to get yourself spotted, skyline yourself and move.

It lasted about 4 seconds and then ran up hill into the ravine. This thing was fast and always stayed really low to the ground. It had a burnt auburn, cinnamon colored hair that covered everything I saw on it which was from mid torso on up. It had thinner looking hair on the chest and thicker on the arms. I would have to guess the length at 4 maybe 5 inches. The face had a wide smashed down looking nose with piercing dark eyes that looked recessed back into the head more than you or me. The exposed skin on the face was lighter colored than the hair with a slightly darker buckskin kind of coloration. It didn't have a mustache and had a low wide mouth and jaw line that seemed very robust with a slight conical shaped head that seemed to come directly out of the shoulders with no visible neck. It had very wide shoulders that were probably two or more of me with very large pectoral muscles. This was definitely a male.

I can't really give a good height estimate because it seemed to be squatted down throughout the sighting and even when it left I felt it was severely crouched or running on all fours. 7-8 feet or bigger maybe I really am not sure. I did see a hand when it turned to leave. It swung its left arm up above the ridgeline and you could clearly see a five fingered hand that was quite large. I was the only one to see this as my stepdad had his back turned and only turned quick enough to see the sagebrush moving that it had hit when it ran. We promptly got in the truck and left after that happened.

Fall Aspens in the Jarbidge Mountains, NV from www.wunderground.com

We left and headed for a forest service campground that was about 8-10 miles away. We figured we had obviously setup camp in an area that seemed to be important to these creatures so we went for something that had been a designated campground for 10's of years already hoping they would stay away. It didn't work but they didn't get that angry attitude they had before. There was a few exceptions but they were way more docile with us in our new spot. I don't remember the order in how the nights played out because we spent 10 total nights there and I wasn't documenting the events but I can give you what happened when they came around.

The first night was quiet but I couldn't sleep for obvious reasons. The night of the 8th I was feeling a lot better about the whole situation as our buddy Mike was joining us for the next 7 days and he has been hunting this particular area for the last 42 years and knows the area like the back of his hand. Having 3 guys in camp was just a good confidence booster because Mike was a light sleeper like myself, and there was one more gun in the mix now. Mike arrived just before sundown on Friday the 8th. We got him all setup in camp ate some dinner and filled Mike in on what happened the night of the 6th and morning of the 7th. He thought we were pulling his leg but quickly realized the seriousness of what we were saying as we were not joking and very adamant about what we were saying. Mike is one of the few people I told of my first encounter so he thought we were joking about that because who does this crap happen to, twice?

Anyway, my stepdad went to bed and me and Mike sat by the fire talking about the other events. After a while we started hearing noises a little ways off and let the fire burn out because the moon was almost full and you could see a thousand times better without the fire. Anyone who has spent time out under a full moon with no canopy overhead knows how bright it can be by a full moon, you can literally read a book by the moon light if you wanted to. The noise kept creeping in closer and got that distinct bipedal signature to it.

Mike couldn't believe what we were hearing. He immediately asked me if I had my gun and I assured him I did and suggested he get his. So we were sitting there and this thing sounded really close, it also sounded like there was just one but I've thought that before and don't believe they travel alone often so we kept listening hard to maybe pickup another one but we never did. So after a while it stopped but we knew it was there because it never seemed to have left. So I turn my flash light on and start doing a sweep around camp. Behind a large tree and bush Mike said he saw a big set of eyes that looked kind of green, so I focused back on that bush and sure enough there was a large set of eyes that appeared to be watching us that looked to have a good 6 or 8 inch spread between them. They even blinked twice before this thing took off running and breaking brush on its way out.

So for the next 3 hours we just sat guard around camp. It really surprised Mike that there was such things happening. He is an older gentleman in his 60's and never experienced anything quite like that. It was another pretty sleepless night. The next morning we went over to the bush we saw the eyes behind and measured up to where were thought they were. It was eight and a half feet up. After that night they all kind of come together into one. There was one night when Mike was still in camp that something came into camp and was walking around and hit one of our ice chests and spun it around. It woke me up a little before 4 am and I was very upset and angry with these things by this time so I just started screaming obscenities at it and it woke Mike up at the same time.

I actually climbed out to confront this thing because it seemed to be alone and it ran a ways into the trees and brush. I continued screaming at it while Mike was getting out of his tent and it clacked some kind of wood together really fast 3 different times. Mike and me start both screaming at it and it busted a big mature aspen in half and left. The tree was ten inches in diameter when we found it at first light and sounded like a rifle going off. It was loud enough to wake my stepdad who thought we were shooting our guns. The rest of the time all we heard were heavy foot falls and bipedal walking around camp. It also always just seemed to be one of them. It was 11 total nights of that kind of stuff and the big encounter at the beginning.

I want to sincerely thank Mr. C for his report, and taking the time to write about his experience in such great detail. I appreciate it, as I'm sure you other squatch aficionados out there, will too.

To read about a possible encounter Mr. C had back in 2012, during another extended hunting trip, please read:



  1. Wow! What a story. My own experience was during Elk season, hunting the West Fork of the White River just outside of the Mt. Rainier National Park boundary. I must have put myself a little to close to one these guys. The trees were shaking as I backed my happy self out of there. I never did see it due to the thick brush. I don't know if I really wanted to. I will tell you, it is an experience I will never forget.

  2. what, no pics? good story teller anyways.

  3. These are excellent witness accounts, thank you for posting them!


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