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"The Basin and Range region is the product of geological forces stretching the earth's crust, creating many north-south trending mountain ranges. These ranges are separated by flat valleys or basins. These hundreds of ranges make Nevada the most mountainous state in the country." National Park Service

"The most mountainous state and the sixth-largest state in the lower 48." TravelNevada.com

"Nevada is the most mountainous U.S. State, with over 150 (named) individual mountain ranges; major ones include the Battle, Monitor, Ruby, Santa Rosa, Schell Creek, Sierra Nevada, Snake and Toiyabe. Over 30 of Nevada's mountain peaks exceed 11,000 ft., with the highest point (Boundary Peak), reaching 13,140 ft." WorldAtlas.com

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BIGFOOT: Recent Sighting Report Near Gardnerville, NV

I recently received a report on a sighting near Gardnerville, NV. It was left in the comment section of Bigfoot Sighting In Genoa, Nevada, which was posted back in 2010. This newest comment/report from july 2, 2013 was left anonymously, as most comments are. I'm leaving out details until I can collect more information from the witness, and I've taken it off the comment section of the aforementioned post. Here are the brief details of the sighting:

This is so crazy still to me, that I came across this blog after today....if it weren't for what my girls and I encountered today, I would have never looked this up! We were in most of the day because of storming outside, and we kept hearing the strangest noises out in the swampy area behind us. After about an hour we decided to go out to take a look. The water fowl started going crazy, and before we knew it, we seen the figure of a gorilla like animal about 300 feet out in the swamp. We found strange tracks, but never would have guessed anything like this! While I am still sceptical. I am really watching now, and the kids aren't playing outside on the patio alone.

I'd really like to follow up and ask a few questions. I'd appreciate it if the witness would please contact me again at stbigfoot@gmail.com. Please know that privacy and respect is of utmost importance to me when handling witness reports.

Thank you.

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